The Route

The direct route from France to Australia would normally involve a 19 hour flight. But we’ve decided to take the scenic route and travel overland as much as possible and cover some 30,000+ km and 18+ countries over 6+ months.

We have pre-planned certain legs of the journey, but we are also keeping some windows of time open and unplanned to allow for some spontaneous adventures or simply for downtime to rest and manage the challenges of travelling with young children.

We’ve fixed our start date and finish goal, with an outline of our intended route – planned but not set in concrete.

START - Bastille Day, July 14, 2015

Pointe de Saint-Mathieu, Le Conquet, France
Latitude: 48°19′48″N
Longitude: 4°46′24″E

FINISH - Australia Day, January 26, 2016

Cape Leeuwin, Augusta, Australia
Latitude: 34°22′27″S
Longitude: 115°08′09″E


Total Duration:   197 days

Total Distance: 30,000 km

Number of countries of travel: 18 and counting…


JULY – France, Italy
AUGUST – Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece
SEPTEMBER – Turkey, Iran, UAE
NOVEMBER – China, Laos, Thailand
DECEMBER – Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore
JANUARY – Indonesia, Australia

Our plan with this website is to document our travels through photos, anecdotes and reflections from the road. This is a focal point for collecting our observations and experiences of travelling the world as a family, a chance to share our experiences with family and friends, and will become a souvenir of our trip when we look back on this collection in years to come.

Please browse the galleries and blog posts here, and come back from time to time to share the experience with us.


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