Meeting at last

Our visit to Agra will remain a cherished memory and one of the highlights of our 7-month journey – however, not for the famous but tourist- and tout-infested Taj Mahal, but for an altogether more personal reason. For the past 15 years, I have been exchanging letters regularly – since she was 6 years old until now – with my Tibetan god-daughter, Tenzin. Despite the distance and this being our first contact in person, the connection was immediate, warm and genuine. It felt like a homecoming and finally meeting a cherished member of our family. This meeting was touching and inspiring, but also left me with a long-lasting sense of sorrow as I realised the extent of the hardships that the Tibetan people in exile have to face.

Our Month in India

Travel notes from our voyage across northern India, soaking up the colour, chaos and charisma of this diverse and ancient country, during the month of October 2015.

Dharavi: A city within the city

After a restful break in Dubai, we landed in Mumbai on October 2nd for 4 weeks in India. Alan had met Emily Harrison, founder of Innovaid,

Half-way there!

Greetings from Agra, India, and the famous Taj Mahal! October 20, 2015 marks the half-way mark of our family odyssey from Europe to Australia.

My Photo Blog – by Ameline

I love taking pictures with my camera. I have picked a few of my favourite photos so far on my trip.