Australia has strict biosecurity laws

The infamous, lackluster Johnny Depp performance alerting the world to Australia’s biosecurity laws is comic, but the underlying message is no laughing matter. Since European settlement of the continent, there is an unfortunate history of introducing plant and animal species and disrupting its unique, natural ecosystems.  From rabbits, foxes and cane-toads, to weeds, to bacterial and viral plagues, we have a history of importing pestilence into this isolated southern continent.

On the road again

This is my first update since a hectic few weeks of packing up home, extracting our girls from school, and hitting the pause button on my work for a short time.  Looking forward to 3 months of discovery and learning as a family.   First observation – how amazing and liberating it feels to be on the road and immersed in nature, especially the vast, open, unpopulated expanses of inland Australia.  And how much I’ve missed this feeling of simple, uncluttered freedom.   Second observation – how privileged and thankful I feel to have this chance to enjoy the simple pleasures of natural environment with my family.  Clear blue skies, fresh air, natural and unique flora and fauna, a sky full of stars at night are all writ large in our own backyard of Western Australia.   Third observation – how unique it is in our modern, hyper-connected world to be able to get ‘off the grid’.   Within an hour’s drive out of Perth, our mobile phone connectivity was already wavering, and by the end of our first week on the road, we have only had sporadic communication when passing through country towns.  Stopped at Karijini national park for the […]

Here we go again…

Dear family, dear friends, We’re firing up the EuroAustralis website once again, as the time has come to undertake another family adventure. This time it’s a lap of our home continent – or a half lap more accurately – to experience the country and culture of this vast, sunburnt land. Join us for our 2018 voyage of discovery: Australia. So rather than starting from scratch, we’re building on top of our previous website from our 2015 world travels. I hope this note finds you all well.  Please check in here from time to time for our progress updates, pics and blogs. I will also post to my facebook and instagrams from time to time… for those that only live on the socials!   So… what exactly is this all about?   This…     Cheers, Alan

Ameline’s A-to-Z blog

– Aquarium – at Dubai Mall was awesome and I liked buying candy at Candylicious next door!   – Brown Bread Bakery – it has lots of bread! (in Varanasi, India)   – camel – I like riding on camels.

My Modes of Transport – by Angelie

During my trip so far, I have experienced lots of different modes of transport and I would like to share them with you. First, we flew from Hong Kong to London. After that, we took the Eurostar train from London to Paris. The Eurostar goes in a tunnel underwater. In Paris, we got a car that we drove in for 2 months across Europe.

Our Month in India

Travel notes from our voyage across northern India, soaking up the colour, chaos and charisma of this diverse and ancient country, during the month of October 2015.

My Photo Blog – by Ameline

I love taking pictures with my camera. I have picked a few of my favourite photos so far on my trip.

Dubai – Desert Oasis or Mirage?

While Dubai was not on our original travel plans, when we decided to reroute our voyage after Iran towards India rather than Central Asia (more on that here), then Dubai became a convenient and welcome watering hole on our route eastwards.

My Awesome Trip to Iran – By Angelie

In September, my family and I went to Iran for two weeks.  I really enjoyed it even though it was very hot! This is a blog post about my awesome experience in Iran. The Persian people are very warm and friendly. For instance, it didn’t take a long time to get to know our guide, Sahar, and we started a conversation in less than 10 minutes. Many people came up to us to say ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’ while we were out visiting.

Amazing Iran

We have just arrived in Dubai, staying with our dear friends Morgan and Levina, for a restful week and to catch our breath after a spellbinding two weeks travelling through Iran. Cécile and I are left almost speechless after one of our most memorable and original travel experiences.  

To go or not to go?

Our itinerary from France to Australia included some hotspots – some we knew of, some we suspected, some quite unbeknownst to us.