On the road again

This is my first update since a hectic few weeks of packing up home, extracting our girls from school, and hitting the pause button on my work for a short time.  Looking forward to 3 months of discovery and learning as a family.


First observation – how amazing and liberating it feels to be on the road and immersed in nature, especially the vast, open, unpopulated expanses of inland Australia.  And how much I’ve missed this feeling of simple, uncluttered freedom.


Second observation – how privileged and thankful I feel to have this chance to enjoy the simple pleasures of natural environment with my family.  Clear blue skies, fresh air, natural and unique flora and fauna, a sky full of stars at night are all writ large in our own backyard of Western Australia.


Third observation – how unique it is in our modern, hyper-connected world to be able to get ‘off the grid’.   Within an hour’s drive out of Perth, our mobile phone connectivity was already wavering, and by the end of our first week on the road, we have only had sporadic communication when passing through country towns.  Stopped at Karijini national park for the next 6 days, we are completely off the network until we hit the next country town.


Even during our overland world tour in 2015 across some 18 countries, we never experienced anything like this.  We were never more than a $2 sim card from the kiosk on the next street corner away from connection to the world and all the resources of Google and the interwebs at our fingertips.  Whereas, here in outback Australia, the only way to connect would be to call via our emergency satellite phone.


Both a blessing and a curse at times… but this will be our existence for the next few months.


It does encourage us to be mindful and present in our experience of this journey, which is a good thing, but the family and friend updates will be in sporadic, violent bursts when we are intermittently online.


So the burning question remains: if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to post it on Instagram…  !?!



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  1. Tania Watts July 31, 2018 Reply

    Safe travels to you all! I look forward to living vicariously these new few months….

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