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AAquarium – at Dubai Mall was awesome and I liked buying candy at Candylicious next door!


BBrown Bread Bakery – it has lots of bread! (in Varanasi, India)


Ccamel – I like riding on camels.


DDubai – I liked Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Wild Wadi Waterpark.


Eelephant – we did lots of fun activities with elephants.Ame and Saku


Ffaloodeh – it is a sort of iced noodle that is very, very tasty and I liked it!


GGandhi – we watched the movie of “Gandhi” while in India and I visited his house.


Hhorse – I rode a horse called “Crunch”, and also rode in horse carriages in Iran and China.EOS 100D_01506


IIran – I liked faloodeh and Wonderland in Iran.


JJaisalmer – we stayed in a nice hotel with nice people in Jaisalmer.


KKhuri – it is a town in the desert where I got to touch the cows and ride camels.


Llanterns – we saw the people launching hundreds of lanterns into the sky in the festival at Chiang Mai. I launched 3 lanterns.


M Montenegro – this is a country in Europe next to Croatia. We hiked up the hill to see the castle (over Kotor).


NNancy – I like travelling in China with Nancy (our guide).


Oopera – I fell asleep watching the Don Giovanni opera in Verona!


Ppicture – I took lots of pictures with my camera.


QQueen Elizabeth II – we saw her castle in London.


RRugby – we watched lots of rugby this trip (Rugby World Cup 2015)!


SSprite – I got to drink lots of Sprite and Coke while travelling!


TTurkey – in Istanbul I liked eating doner kebab and drinking homemade lemonade and root beer.


Uumbrella – every time it rains, we get a new umbrella but then lose it!


VVenice – is a city in Italy built on water and we rode on boats.


WWonderland – is in Tehran and it is lots and lots of fun!54 The Amusement Room (Wonderland)


XX-ray – I couldn’t think of anything else for the letter X!


Yyak – we saw lots of furry yaks in Tibet.


ZZooble – this is a matching game that we play a lot when we get bored!


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  1. Cecile November 29, 2015 Reply

    I love reading your take on our travels, darling.
    X could be for Xishuangbanna, where you guys pushed me in the freezing cold pool!!
    PS: I’ll get you a new umbrella for your birthday in 6 days 😉

  2. Alan Ng November 30, 2015 Reply

    Or how about X for “X-Wing”, the starfighter of choice for the Rebel Alliance… I loved watching the Star Wars movies with you… and travelling around the world having fun, learning new things, with you!

  3. Andrew November 30, 2015 Reply

    Great account of the travels Ame – well done!

    – Who is your friend on the ride at Wonderland? That is in Iran, right?
    – Where did you ride on a “camel”? Dubai?
    – Do you remember any of your friends from Jaisalmer?

    Thanks for keeping us updated!


    • Ameline December 01, 2015 Reply

      Hi Andrew, thanks for your comments.

      – Who is your friend on the ride at Wonderland? That is in Iran, right?
      That is a friend we met in Iran and her name is Roshin. She is 13 years old. Wonderland is in a city called Tehran.

      – Where did you ride on a “camel”? Dubai?
      I rode a camel in the desert in India, in Khuri.

      – Do you remember any of your friends from Jaisalmer?
      Yes I remember them. They were the people working in the hotel and they were friendly.

      • Andrew Stead December 04, 2015 Reply

        Hi Ame

        Thanks for the reply! Love the post and can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully you will stay in touch with Roshin and the people from the hotel in Jaisalmer, and get to ride a camel again some day.


  4. Isabelle Crochu December 01, 2015 Reply

    C’est un bien doux moment à te lire ce matin, et à regarder à nouveau les photos. tu es bien caline avec l’éléphant ! es-tu montée sur son dos ? j’ai remarqué qu’il avait de droles de petits cheveux dressés sur sa tete ; Jean René dit qu’il est coiffé en brosse, ta maman t’expliquera l’expression;
    le festival des lanternes à Chiang Mai devait etre très joli et très poétique n’est ce pas ?
    merci pour toutes tes photos , et merci pour ton beau sourire .

  5. Edith December 01, 2015 Reply

    Hi Ameline,

    I loved reading your blog! Your adventures traveling the world sounds super awesome! I’m jealous!!! ;D

    I love animals and thrilled to know that you got to ride on camels, a horse, see Yaks, cows and play with elephants. I saw many camels when I visited Jaipur, India. I thought they were so cute but I never rode on one. You’re so lucky!!! And I love your beautiful smile hugging the elephant! It made me smile too!

    Just so you know, I always forget and lose my umbrella too! :p

    Please continue to update us about your adventures with your family and I would love to see more photos of you, your sisters and your wonderful parents!

    Hugs and big kiss from HK

  6. david December 03, 2015 Reply

    I loved reading your blog Ameline. I’m using it to help our son Zach (who is three) learn his ABC’s.

    Enjoy your travels!


  7. Angelie December 04, 2015 Reply

    Great blog Ame. I loved painting elephants with you. Remember when the elephant whacked me in the face with its tail? Remember when we rode the camel together and we saw the other camel wiggling its bottom!!?
    Do you remember my favourite candy at Candylicious?
    Love from Ange

  8. Anne Crochu December 10, 2015 Reply

    Hello darling
    I’m catching up with your blog. I love reading your adventures and seeing your photos. I also went to Jaisalmer long before you were born. We slept in the desert with the camels. It was very cold.
    Was the horse in Pornichet or a different time?
    Lots of love, Anne

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