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I love taking pictures with my camera.

I have picked a few of my favourite photos so far on my trip.

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I will add some more soon.

Love from Améline.


Editor’s note:  we want to capture a raw sense of “the world through the eyes of a 5-year-old”.  So we have encouraged Ameline’s natural interest in photography and do not wish to filter or influence her image-making.

The photos in this collection were all taken by Ameline on her own camera, or in a few cases where she asked us to take a photo of her with her camera.  The selection of images that she wanted to share is entirely her own choice, and she wrote all of the captions.  In some cases a sub-title is added by the editor for additional information.



Admin note 1:  All the personal photo albums on our website require you to login to view, for privacy and security.  First time visitors should please click on REGISTER to obtain a login. [Read more here].

Admin note 2:  We have chosen to upload and share high-resolution images on our website. So if you are on a slow internet connection, please be patient for slow page loading times.  For the first viewing of a photo album, the images may not appear initially.  They are usually loaded by the second pass of the slideshow – so please be patient!  [Read more here].


Here is the link again:  Ameline’s photo blog

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  1. Mark Conway October 21, 2015 Reply

    Hi Ameline. We love your photographs, they tell an amazing story. Mark.

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