EuroAustralis is Live!

Only about a month behind schedule(!) but the new website, featuring our travel journals and photo galleries is finally live!

Welcome to EuroAustralis – our family odyssey from France to Australia.

What’s this all about? Well you can now find out more here…

Our plan with this website is to document our travels through photos, anecdotes and reflections from the road. This is a chance to share our experiences with family and friends around the world.

It will also become a souvenir of our trip when we look back on this collection in years to come.

After much debate on what sort of content we wanted to share, what format and what frequency to post, and how to maintain privacy and security, we’ve finally pulled together the site.

It was all pretty easy to put together, in this modern era of website development, but as we’ve learned already: while travelling and on the road, especially with young children, everything takes twice as long as it should, and the ultimate luxury is time. Even when you have all the time in the world!

Time to plan and organize, time to drive or commute between destinations, time to feed the kids (again!), time to manage behaviours and bed times – the daily routines still take precendence. Only then can we begin to allocate time to enjoying the travels, exploring new places, and being in the moment. And finally, on the few occasions where surplus time remains, we can reflect on our experiences, review the photos, compose our postings, and work on this project.

So finally, it has taken us until the end of our time in Europe, when we have made it to Greece and the beautiful island of Sifnos to spend time with our friends the Bollingers. We’ve had a week now to chill out, soak up some glorious Mediterranean sunshine, catch up and publish the site.

So with great pleasure, we present the EuroAustralis website! It currently features excerpts from our initial voyages through Europe in July and August 2015.

Now that we’re up and running, we will continue to post and update as and when possible during the course of our voyage.

A few technical notes: we’ve decided to err on the side of greater privacy, so we ask that you register and create a login to be able to view most of the blog posts and photos. It should be self explanatory, but let me know if you have any difficulties getting access.

There is also a separate Subscribe option on the site, at the bottom of most pages, which will allow you to enter your email address to receive a notification when we post updates.

This is entirely our personal website with no commercial objectives, so rest assured, the minimum information requested is simply a security requirement and we will equally respect your data privacy.

To improve the chances of actually receiving confirmations or messages from us, please add and to your email contacts.

As always, it’s a work in progress, and will no doubt evolve of the duration of our journey. And any of you with an opinion or suggestions, please let me know! Add your comments to our pages or get in touch.

In the meantime, please sign up then take a look around the site. Catch up with us and join us on our personal odyssey.


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  1. Isabelle Crochu September 24, 2015 Reply

    et c est parti pour vous suivre de découverte en découverte, puisque vous avez la gentillesse de nous faire partager votre aventure familiale à travers les continents !

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